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At RV Brokers, we help RV buyers get the best rates on new and used RVs, Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels. We have the ability to shop inventory nationwide and write invoice based offers to ensure you get the best price available allowing dealerships to compete for your business. We also can connect you with industry-leading financing, extended warranties and more!


Tim Fleury

Tim has an extensive background in auto and RV brokering. He has a deep passion for helping buyers get great deals while delivering an unbeatable experience. Tim’s success is driven from focusing on his customers best interest, not the sale ensuring they get exactly what they want for a great price. Tim has a wife and 3 daughters and currently reside in Castle Rock, CO.

Melissa Fleury
Broker/Director of Business Development

Melissa’s passion for the RVing world stems from her childhood. What she really enjoys most about being a broker is surprising her clients with the overall experience. She most enjoys how honest the transaction is, and how satisfied and impressed her clients on with how seamless and easy it is to buy the perfect RV for their needs.

Sean Hakes
Founder/Partner / CMO

Sean has been actively involved in the RV industry for over 9 years. His family has traveled around the United States in a variety of RVs over the years. He’s spent countless hours understanding the buying cycle of RVs, understanding the deal, and great brands.

Sean Founded due to personal experience. He purchased his first new RV from a large nationwide dealership who he later found outrageously overpriced the RV he purchased. As a new buyer, he didn’t know how much some dealerships inflate prices leaving new buyers stuck with overpriced RVs that they’ll never get ahead in.

Sean has a passion for helping new RV buyers understand the process, the PROs and Cons to each brand but most importantly getting a fair deal that doesn’t leave new buyers upside-down for eternity.

Sean is currently completing his brokers’ license and plans to be actively helping customers mid-March.

Jeremy Dadah
Broker / Business Development Specialist