Why work with an RV Broker?

Whether you’re new to RVing, or are a Pro navigating the complex scene of RV purchasing can leave you upside-down pretty quickly in a camper you might not even like.

At RV Brokers.com, we help Colorado residents looking to buy, sell or trade their RV with a seamless, smart transaction.

Typically, RV buyers browse online inventory. If they find something they like, they might head down to the local RV dealer to take a look. If they really like what they see, they might start diving into numbers.

Most RV dealerships pray on the fact that most buyers are naive to RV pricing. In most cases, advertised RV prices are extremely inflated, in fact, even ‘sale’ pricing are typically still overly inflated which means, when you buy your new RV, you’re going to be severely upside down. It happened to us, which is why we started RVBrokers.com.

How we work:

Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We will take your needs and shop it out to multiple RV dealers allowing them the opportunity to give you the lowest price. Once we have the price, we’ll lookup invoicing and present the dealership with a fair offer that typically comes in thousands of dollars less than what most RV dealers will tell you they can sell the RV for.

Once that has been completed, we will meet you at the dealership and show you the RV. If it fits what you need, and your budget, we will conduct the transaction between you, and the dealership who won the bid.

RVBrokers.com are fully versed in most RV brands, features, accessories, ratings etc and we’ll make sure you find the perfect RV for you and/or your family needs.