Class A RV For Sale

What is a Class A Motorhome?

Class A is the largest class of motorhome with models reaching twenty to forty feet and bigger. Class A motorhomes are built on a bus or commercial truck chassis to accommodate the size, features, and amenities of these classic RVs.

Size: Because Class As are the largest type of motorhome, the sky is the limit when it comes to length and size. Most models range between twenty and forty feet but there are many models over fifty feet.

Sleeping: Class As can sleep anywhere from four to twenty people depending on size. You’ll have no issue finding a Class A that can accommodate your family.

Features and Amenities

The Class A is feature-rich. While amenities vary you should expect:

  • Full-sized kitchen and bath
  • Private sleeping quarters with queen or king mattresses
  • Large common/living areas
  • Spacious driver’s cab
  • Ample storage including underneath cargo storage
  • TVs, stereos, mood lighting, and a host of entertainment features
  • Can handle large families

Pros and Cons of Class A Motorhomes

Class As are the crown jewel of motorhomes. If you’re looking for superior room, storage, amenities, and features, you’ll need a Class A. Size and features are why Class As are the number one choice for seasonal and temporary living. Many ‘snowbirds’ drive their Class A to the RV park, connect the utilities, and live out of it for months at a time.

On the downside, size and amenities are not free. Class As are the most expensive motorhome in the initial purchase, maintenance, and fuel consumption. You’ll need a little money stored away if you’re looking to purchase and use a Class A. Because of their size, smaller roads are off-limits to your Class A.

Top Class A Brands

If you’re looking to buy a Class A motorhome you should consider the top brands before heading to the RV or motorhome lot.

  • Fleetwood – A steady name in Class A motorhomes with several models and styles.
  • Monaco – Consistently rates highest or near the top for consumer reviews.
  • Thor Motor Coach – One of the top RV brands in the world. Thor produces several different high-quality motorhomes under different brands.
  • Tiffin Motorhomes – Tiffin specializes in high-quality motorhomes that can last a lifetime.
  • Winnebago – A classic in the name of RVing. Winnebago makes several fantastic Class A models.

Finding Class A Motorhomes for Sale

RV Brokers has partnered with several brokers across the country to help find you the best Class A at the best price. Navigate our dealer resources to find your own Class A for sale.

Hitting the Road

If you have a large family, want the best amenities, are looking to live in a seasonal lot, or are considering hitting the road full time you’ll need the size and features of a Class A to get you there. Use our website or head to an RV Broker-recommended lot to buy a Class A motorhome for your own adventures.