CBD: The Essential RV Travel Item

CBD is touted to do a lot of different things. From helping with anxiety, sleeping, pain, and more, it’s become a necessity for many, including RVers.

John Williams is an avid part-time RVer. He takes his family out on the road about 90 days per year. John and his family were staying in St. Augustine, Florida, at a local RV resort. It was an ordinary evening; he and his wife Shelly decided to let the grandkids hang in the RV while they took a walk along the beach. About 50 feet into the beech from the resort, John fell to his knees in pain. Months ago, he had suffered a minor back injury playing tennis with the grandkids. He and Shelly sat there to see if the pain would pass — it didn’t. That’s when Shelly remembered she had a bottle of CBD Oil she had purchased online just weeks ago.

Shelly returned to the RV, grabbed the CBD Tincture, and brought it back to her husband. The type of CBD is known as a full-spectrum CBD oil that comes in a tincture bottle. The application of the oil includes a dropper where a dropper full is dropped just below the tongue.

Within about 10 mins, John started feeling comfort and less pain to where he was able to walk back to the RV in comfort.

Finding the right place to Buy CBD is critical. There are a lot of CBD Oil companies out there, and many are snake oil.

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